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Violet Barnes: [Impression of Cookie Monster] Fine! This is fine! But this is precisely why Cookie wants to take the time to consider if he’s picked the right cookie for his life!

Suzie Barnes-Eilhauer: [Impression of Elmo] Well maybe Elmo thinks there is no right cookie, you just pick one and take a bite!

These lines are from The Five-Year Engagement, a wonderful romcom. Violet and Suzie used cookies as a metaphor for partners, you see. Violet’s taking such a long time getting married (hence, The Five-Year Engagement) because she’s not sure if her fiance’s the right one for her. Suzie says maybe there’s no right person for you. Maybe the one does not exist. I don’t know if I agree with this though.

The truth is that I still cry about you and I shouldn’t. I know now, you’re really not the one for me. Even if you were (and maybe for a part of me, you still are) the most important person in my life, you aren’t the one. That time should be over. Right now I am lost. You aren’t trying to find me. You aren’t looking. You left me here. I know I went away and I feel lost now. You said it was us against the world. I feel alone now. I feel like it’s just me fighting against everything and everyone now. You didn’t try to get me back. And I don’t know if I should ask for you back. A part of me wants to; another part of me doesn’t. Part of me wants to forget you; part of me doesn’t. I am hesitant and indecisive at the same time. Should I stick to my decision of leaving you? I feel like if I go back to you now, you don’t want me. I don’t understand. I feel like you don’t want to try anymore either. I’m confused. I’m angry and I’m sad. But when I think about other things I am happy. I am angry, sad, happy, confused, hesitant, and indecisive all at the same time. I just want to scream.

I don’t want to cry anymore.

Don’t you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow.