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What do you think about me?
That is if you ever did thought of me
I just wish to become free
I’m begging on my knees

Wanting to forget what I feel,
I keep hoping this wound would heal,
Listening to this tune,
I swear I’m gonna forget about you

These feelings are overdue
I have to return them to you
Where do you look when you look my way?
It makes me think of you everyday

I feel so invisible
I have to choose what’s sensible
Becuase who am I kidding?
I know you won’t reciprocate this feeling

My mind says “goodbye”
But my heart tells me “just try”
What do I do?
I want to forget about you

I know I won’t get the answer
To these questions I ponder
So I want to forget about you
While hoping you’ll think of me, too

Just a little something about a crush of mine four years ago, when I was in third year high school. He was a senior. Now, I’m in my third year in college and I like another guy who’s also a senior now. I have the exact same feelings. Ugh.