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I am a see-through shirt
Not visible unless with dirt
Dirt that causes much mirth
Mirth that unknowingly brings hurt

Why am I like this?
Like a spinster with no kiss
Am I really so easy to miss?
Like a wallflower upon which dogs piss

Why do people see me as such?
Like a tiny dwarf that can’t do much
Am I one to be shunned in this bunch?
Like I am something ought not to be touched

I am not a flower
Too pretty and too nice
But I am an eagle
Waiting for the chance to rise

Felt a little inadequate today, so there. It’s strange how they call our generation the “Selfie Generation” or the “Self-entitled Generation.” I find it so difficult to love myself. Actually, the reason why I take selfies (I barely post them though, I only started posting them recently) is because I wanted to feel pretty. Sigh.