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I’m still me
I’m still who I used to be
It’s just the distance
Separating you and me

Making me look different to you
Making you look different to me

You are a world away
I realized I couldn’t stay
There were long, painful days
When I couldn’t see your face

We tried
I tried
You tried

Is this considered a sonnet? It’s about love and it has fourteen lines, but it’s sad and unromantic. I wrote this after listening to Ed Sheeran’s Sunburn, after my ex-boyfriend shared the link to the song; hence, the title. I presume he’s posting it because of me. We broke up only a month ago. I didn’t feel that sad at the time. I mean, yes, I was for three days, but not after. Did I really fall out of love or am I just numb now? I immediately cried after I heard the song, so I’m wondering that. I guess I sort of miss him a bit.