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Movie tickets and receipts

Greeting cards with kisses

Letters long, letters short

At all these I scoff and snort

Time flies fast doesn’t it?

Sweet love came in the night

But now time’s up, say goodbye

Losses are the worst when you have good memory. It’s great when you have exams, but grades aren’t everything. You want to forget things but you just can’t sometimes.

I finally decided to put down all the photos of me and my ex and placed everything of him in one place so I can throw it all away. There was this box full of memorabilia. I remember where I got each and every one of them. They were priceless at one point, but just simply useless now. I glanced around my room and see old gifts — not just from him, but from other people, too. Some gifts were a year old, some four, one eleven. I remember who gave these things to me and why.

I’m gonna place everything in a plastic bag tomorrow. Do I throw it all away? What if we get back together some time in the future? I don’t want to get back with him now, but what if? I should just throw it all away, shouldn’t I?

Maybe I’ll keep the box. It’s more useful than the memorabilia.