Bio: 21 | Med Student @ ASMPH | MNL I'm a medical student at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health in the Philippines. After having a major depressive episode around September last year, I voluntarily went to the emergency room of The Medical City and told them I was feeling suicidal at the time (suicidal thoughts are considered a medical emergency, you see). I was diagnosed at the time with Major Depressive Disorder with Persistent Depressive Disorder. I have been on SSRIs for months now but it still comes and goes, so here I shall post about anything and everything like the pensive in Harry Potter, before my brain explodes. I'm still trying to find ways to cope and to get by. It seems weird to other people, probably, airing out my dirty laundry. I have such a difficult time articulating the things running through my mind, though, and this relieves me, I think. Please understand. This is my form of release. Please tell me if you find anything offensive, I will explain myself or take it down if it really is. The truth is, I try to be a good person. I believe everyone does. I'm just rambling right now. Anyway, I'm sensitive, so please be nice.

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